Theatre and Systemic Change



The links below have been collected by Drama League staff, alumni, artists and colleagues to share knowledge regarding the need for systemic change in our field, and actions we can each take to dismantle racism, ableism and the many oppressions operating in our field.  This list is by no means comprehensive; it is intended more as a point of departure for your own explorations.  If you have suggestions for articles, resource lists, or story additions, please contact us at education@dramaleague.org with the URL address.




  1. We See You, White American Theater

  2. White Silence in American Theatre Training and Practice (And The Urgency of Disrupting It)

  3. The Ground On Which I Stand

  4. An Open Letter to Arts Organizations Rampant with White Supremacy

  5. Race, Whiteness, Black Lives Matter: Lessons for Theater

  6. Playwrights of Color, White Directors, and Exposing Racist Policy

  7. Black Theatre Commons

  8. Latinx Theatre Commons

  9. The American Theatre Was Killing Me

  10. Four Black Artists On How Racism Corrodes The Theatre World

  11. What I Think About When I Hear That Broadway Is Racist

  12. On Racial Justice: A Letter From Billie Holiday Theatre Artistic Director Dr. Indira Etwaroo

  13. Blackspace: Manifesto

  14. New Black Math

  15. How White People Conquered the Nonprofit Industry

  16. Why “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” Is Obsolete

  17. Theatres Not Speaking Out List

  18. Silence of White Theaters on Anti-Black Violence is Deafening

  19. Diving into Racial Equity: The MAP Fund’s Exploration

  20. Not Just Money: Equity Issues in Cultural Philanthropy by Helicon Collaborative

  21. A New World Awaits Us 

  22. Female and Trans Playwrights

  23. Asian American Stage Directors 

  24. Black Female Stage Directors

  25. Latinx Stage Directors

  26. Black Technicians and Designers



  1. Phrases We Should Work To Eliminate in the Rehearsal Room

  2. Decolonizing Theatre/La Descolonización del Teatro

  3. Whiteness, Patriarchy and Resistance in Actor Training Texts

  4. Black Acting Methods: Critical Approaches

  5. Conscientious Theatre Training: Nicole Brewer

  6. Black Queer Playwrights to Support

  7. Plays and Musicals by Black Playwrights

  8. The Ferguson Theatre Syllabus - Claudia Alick & Megan Sandberg Zakian

  9. Staging Black Protest: Play List by Lisa B. Thompson

  10. Black Theaters Across The United States

  11. Latinx Theatrical Designers You Should Hire

  12. Latinx and Chicanx Theatre Scholars You Should Bring to Your Institutions 

  13. Latinx Stage Managers and Technicians You Should Be Working With 

  14. Latinx Dramaturgs, Coaches, Choreographers, and Artistic Personnel You Should Hire

  15. Latinx Directors You Should Hire

  16. How To Solve Design’s Diversity Problem

  17. Keeping “Insecure” Lit: HBO Cinematographer Ava Berkofsky on Properly Lighting Black Faces



  1. White Supremacy Culture

  2. Black Lives Matter

  3. Movement for Black Lives

  4. How To Be An Anti-Racist

  5. Black-Owned DEI Companies + Consultants

  6. Dismantling Racism

  7. Black Liberation Reading List

  8.  Understanding and Dismantling Racism: A Booklist for White Readers

  9.  Anti-Racism Resources for White People

  10.  Claudia Rankine: On Whiteness

  11.  White Fragility: Michel Martin interviews Robin DiAngelo

  12.  Talking About Race: The National Museum of African American History and Culture

  13.  ArtEquity

  14.  75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

  15.  Explaining White Privilege To A Broke White Person by Gina Crosley-Corcoran 

  16.  Invasion of America Interactive Map (Indigenous Land Loss Map) by University of Georgia historian Claudio Saunt

  17.  Revolutionary Hope: A Conversation between Audre Lord and James Baldwin



  1. The Future of Theatre is Accessible

  2. Act on Accessibility

  3. Accessibility in theatre – infographic

  4. Disabled Bodies in American Theatre 

  5. “On Your Feet!”: Addressing Ableism in Theatre of the Oppressed Facilitation 

  6. Disability is not just a Metaphor

  7. A Disabled Actor Prepares: Stanislavsky, Disability, and Work at the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped

  8. Disability Justice Resources

  9. Beyond the Bathrooms: Cultivating Meaningful Trans Inclusion in Theatrical Spaces 

  10. Drawing a Line: Addressing Sexual Harassment in our Theatre Communities

  11. Black Trans Media

  12. LBGTQ Healthcare Services