Next Stage Residency

The Drama League Artists Residency Program, made possible in part by the Leo Shull Foundation for the Arts, the Howard Gilman Foundation, and the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust, gives theater directors unique, supportive opportunities to develop new plays and musicals.  ARP has developed many award-winning productions since 2013, including The TEAM’s RoosevElvis (Vineyard Theatre, London’s Royal Court Theatre); Ripe Time’s The World Is Round (BAM); Georama (NYMF/Repertory Theatre of St. Louis); Assembled Identities (HERE); Distant Star (Abrons Arts Center); Rady&Bloom’s The Upper Room (New Ohio Theatre); and Piehole’s Hand Foot Fizzle Face (JACK).


NEXT STAGE seeks to deeply engage directors and provide the necessary tools to advance their careers. We work to provide a process-oriented home for a theater director for one year, giving them space, time, and financial resources to grow and deepen their creative processes.  

This residency includes:

REHEARSAL SPACE: A fixed number of hours of complimentary rehearsal space, to be used over the course of one year.  (In 2017, artists received between 15 and 40 hours of rehearsal space, based on the needs of their projects.)

RESIDENCY STIPEND: A stipend for the developmental expenses of the residency will be awarded.  (In 2017, stipends ranged between $1000 and $3500, based on the needs of their projects.)

PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP: The artist will receive mentorship from the Drama League Artistic Staff.

While we ask for the residents to apply with a specific project in mind that will be developed as part of their residency, NEXT STAGE is invested in the individual director, not one specific project. We understand that, over the course of a year, a director may have multiple pieces in different stages of development. We, therefore, do not limit the residency to only one project; the residency will follow the genius of the director and allow them to dictate their needs. At the beginning of the residency, The Drama League will work with each director to construct a residency calendar of activities supported, in part, by the stipend; the director may choose to supplement the stipend with funds raised elsewhere, if they wish.

If you have questions about which residency is most appropriate for your project, please call (212) 244-9494 to discuss options in depth.  We are happy to speak with you!