Upon The Fragile Shore

October 31, 2014 / A NoPassport for Humanity Reading Scheme


The Drama League is proud to participate in the NoPassport for Human Rights Reading Scheme for 2014 with Caridad Svich's play, UPON THE FRAGILE SHORE.

Directed by Drama League Executive Director Gabriel Shanks, the staged reading will include performances by Nathaniel P. Claridad, Cherrye J. Davis, Lelund Durond Thompson, and Karen Walsh; original music composed by Colleen Toole; stage management by Miriam Rosalky. This event is produced by Nathaniel P. Claridad.

UPON THE FRAGILE SHORE is a play for four actors that explores human rights and environmental issues around the world especially in relationship to human-made tragedies and their aftermath. The play centers on stories from the United States, Nigeria, Syria, Malaysia, sub-Sahara, and Venezuela. Seven interlocking stories. Fourteen characters played by four actors. All of us living on the fragile shore. A play-conversation about tragedy, hope, faith, and who we are as audience.

NoPassport theatre alliance & press, Jody Christopherson (Skype Show, New York Theater Review) and Missing Bolts Productions (founded by Zac Kline and Blair C. Baker, www.missingbolts.com) in collaboration with multiple venues across the US and abroad invite you to present free script-in-hand readings and/or 5-10 minute digital film excerpts of UPON THE FRAGILE SHORE by Caridad Svich in the months of October and November 2014 to illuminate human rights and environmental issues on global scale and to foster ethical co-existence. Dramaturge for the scheme is Zac Kline. Assistant dramaturge is Bree Windham. To join the reading & film scheme this fall, please contact fragileshore@gmail.com and visit NoPassport at www.nopassport.org

"Caridad Svich's Upon the Fragile Shore asks us to be with human vulnerability without solving it; arriving at expressions of peace through accident. Her images are surprising, visceral and invite delight and attending inside of difficulty. It's a big world, and we are so beautifully close in it." -- Emily Mendelsohn, director


Event details:
Saturday November 8, 7pm | Drama League Theater Center | FREE admission

Donations will be accepted on the night which will be donated to charity: water

Although this event is open to the public, space is limited and reservations are required. Click here to reserve your seat.

Click for or more information about the NoPassport Reading Scheme

A playlist of videos has been created to provide context and background for the issues and events addressed in the play. 


And finally, a note from our wonderful producer, Nathaniel P. Claridad:

I hate producing.  I love to act, direct, and teach.  But producing?  I hate it.  Perhaps the only other thing I can imagine that is worse than producing is writing.  I have no patience for it, and applaud those brave playwrights with the courage and patience to sit down staring at a blank page and commit to inventing worlds for actors and directors.  As for producing:  I cannot think of a more stressful position in the theatre world.  Constant emails, juggling people and schedules, and constantly making sure no rules are being broken and that everyone is happy.  

Imagine my surprise, then, to have produced, or more accurately co-produced, three events with Tim Scales and Wagon Wheel Arts in North Carolina, and winning an award through the University of North Carolina for my efforts.  I had sworn off producing after leaving North Carolina and returning to New York City, deeming it too difficult.  I find myself, once again, with my producer's hat on, putting together a reading of Caridad Svich's "Upon the Fragile Shore" with Drama League Executive Director (and friend), Gabriel Shanks at the helm.  

I found myself wondering why I would ever put my producer's hat back on after all the stress and panic attacks that I am well aware accompany it.  That is when I realized that all of my efforts in producing have dealt with social change, or at least addressing social issues.  My first attempt, a reading of Dustin Lance Black's "8" at PlayMakers Repertory Company, led to two benefit concerts where proceeds went to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, & the North Carolina AIDS Action Network.  I find myself, once again, with a play that addresses current social issues, and calls for some sort of action, or at the very least asks the question "So what do we do about it?".  Gabriel Shanks, in one of our first meetings about the play put it far more eloquently, stating that we still do not have a great play that addresses climate change, or a play that addresses the social climate of Venezuela, or Syria.  And how can we when those issues get little to no coverage in the United States?  

Caridad Svich's play, "Upon the Fragile Shore" is part of a larger reading scheme through NoPassport where the playwright has essentially "given her play away" to theatres and play-makers across the country, offering it to be read in different communities nationwide in order to spark a much needed conversation.  If we can continue, in the theatre, to create important conversations between artist and community, I am more than happy to take my producer's hat off the shelf again and again.  And there is one perk to producing:  I get to wake up the next day after it's all done with a bunch of new friends. :)