The Spider: Review Round-up

August 19, 2013


We sure put the International in New York International Fringe Festival! 

After a hugely successful run as part of the New York International Fringe Festival, the bubbles have all burst and the Spider has crawled away.  Actors Penko and Anastassia have returned to Bulgaria, and writer/directors Jordan and Dimitar have now joined our Fall Directing Fellows at the Stump Sprouts retreat to delve further into the world of directing.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response from audiences and critics alike. Scott Heller from the New York Times ”[couldn't] look away” from the “impassioned performances”, and credited the Drama League for “helping to sprinkle some Eastern European tragicomedy in a Fringe program filled with lighter fare”.

Other fantastic reviews and mentions include The Village Voice (“Plays like The Spider are the reason one goes to the theater. If you see just one FringeNYC play, see this one“); Backstage.com (10 Shows to see at the NY Fringe); Blog Critics (“innovative” and “superb“); NYTheatre.com (“required viewing for anyone attending FringeNYC this year“); Hy Reviews (“a reminder that one of theatre’s primary goals remains to shake audiences out of complacency“); and Maxamoo.com (“A highly unusual and provocative production that is unlike anything that we’ve seen before“).

The Drama League wants to extend heartfelt thanks to our co-producers, B+ Company and Art Office in Sofia; and Elena Holy and the Present Company in New York.  Thanks also go to the staff and crews of the Fringe Festival and Celebration of Whimsy Theatre for their generous assistance. And finally, we offer a huge THANK YOU to the audiences who supported the show, proving that Bulgarian theatre has a welcome home in New York City.