Rough Draft Applications Now Open

August 14, 2014 / One-day residencies for Directors


The Drama League has opened its application process for new plays, musicals and theater pieces to be developed through its 2014-15 Rough Draft Series.  We invite you to submit your projects-in-development for this unique, artist-centered opportunity.

Rough Draft is specifically NOT a play reading. It's an opportunity for a director and his or her collaborators to explore an idea on how to tackle a specific aspect of a play. It's a low-impact, high-yield moment to joyfully dive into the work and make discoveries about a directorial approach. 

Over the course of a single day, Rough Draft artists, led by the director, explore a conceptual approach to the play, investigating a specific element of the work.

At the close of the process, a presentation of the work done that day offers direct engagement with an invited audience.  The end result is targeted, specific feedback to assist the director/collaborators in the next evolutionary steps of the play. 

By testing out a directorial idea in the lab and sharing the day's work with an invited audience, the director and collaborative team will be better prepared for an eventual production or full workshop.

Curated by director and Drama League alum Michael Goldfried, Rough Draft takes place monthly at The Drama League Theater Center (32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013).  The program includes up to ten hours of rehearsal/work space in the Stewart F. Lane & Comley Studio Lab, access to sound equipment, seating, and more.  There is no financial stipend at this time.

Recent Rough Draft projects have included musicals (Dr. Darling and the The Lost Boys of Bushwick, director Jesse Geiger), new plays (And She Would Stand Like This, director David Mendizabal), possible revivals (Our Class, director Cosmin Chivu) and more. The next Rough Draft project will be presented on Friday August 29th - Paul Brancato's new musical Basquiat. All are welcome to attend.   

Applying for Rough Draft is free and very, very easy!  For more information including how to apply, please visit our ROUGH DRAFT page.