September 6, 2013


ROUGH DRAFT is a brand new program at the Drama League Theater Center that allows a director and his/her collaborators to devote a single day to developing a new work or experimenting with a new idea in our Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley Studio Lab. ROUGH DRAFT is, as the name implies, meant to be rough. The program is designed for directors who are at the earliest stages of a theatrical project and have a question about their project they wish to explore. The question may be about play content/material, conceptual approach, or staging. Offered cabaret-style, ROUGH DRAFT seeks to cut through the red tape of readings and play development to provide intense, powerful, and helpful feedback for newly-hatched plays and musicals. Selected projects are given up to eight hours of rehearsal, which are immediately followed by an artist-centered presentation of the material. Admission is rolling. Send application or questions to roughdraft@dramaleague.org. Download 2014 Rough Draft Application