Now, or 1 Hour from Now

May 22, 2013 / by Will Detlefsen



So it begins: Professionals Week 2013 as seen through the lens of Will Garrett Detlefsen.

I think I might need therapy now.

I told The Moms when I graduated college that I want to be young, sexy, and successful. And in that order.

Check. Check. Working on it…

I had to take some time before diving into this blog post because as Professionals Week was happening I could not tell you for a minute how I was feeling about it. I try my best to live life like I am going to die in an hour, which is very very hard to do and I fail at that every other hour or so. But this past week I really tried to soak it all up and listen and observe and be swept up in all the absurd, surreal comments from the people around me about how great we all are.

I have always been a very independent kid (I am convinced this is relevant.) I have four siblings who are 12-17 years older than I am, so any memory of my childhood is that of being left alone in my house to fend for myself. I liked that. I remember just sitting in my room thinking a lot and making lists. I am a freak about lists. There were groups of people in middle school and high school who wanted to be my friend, but I would often tell those people that I had homework to do and choose not to go out with them. I know I know – I sound like a jerk. (And those friends eventually forced me to hang out with them, and they became the most important people in my life.)

I enjoyed solitude—still do, in fact.

Directing is a lonely job—and everyone says this—but it’s true. This week with 9 other directors was the opposite of lonely and that was somewhat unnerving to me at first.

Suddenly there is a community of directors that will always be with me. We are forever the Drama League Class of 2013. I thank the gods that they’re all badasses who I greatly admire and respect.


I feel very grateful and confused to be apart of this league—this fraternity. I have no idea what kind of director I am, and I hope I never will.

I hate quotes, but this one is important … “I don’t think writers are sacred, but words are. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you might nudge the world a little.” Directing is an opportunity to nudge the world a little. Learned that one from Bob Moss. That’s really all I hope to do.

After all, I might die one hour from Now.