Kicking Off the Hangar Season

June 24, 2017 / by Jillian Carucci


What a whirlwind of a start to the summer it has been here at The Hangar!

The energy surrounding all of our work, both within the lab company and the Ithaca community at large is astounding. Ithaca is a truly magical place, and I've never been so inspired to make SO much art in such a short period of time. The Hangar staff, artists, board members and patrons artists are all such passionate and kind people who care deeply for this theatre and community. 
 A standout memory from the past few weeks came out of the end of the Orientation week that the four of us HDLDs (Hangar Drama League Directors) curated for the Lab Company members. We led several ensemble classes and activities throughout the week and wrapped up by creating an original flashmob with lab company actors, directors and playwright/dramaturgs that was performed on the Ithaca Commons on a Saturday morning. At the end of the event, we rolled-out the official announcement and marketing materials for the Wedge season. I've personally been incredibly inspired by these young artists -- who are all kind, present, creative, and gracious people that have quickly grown from a group of people to a true ensemble in a very short span of time. At our most exhausted, the lab company is the fuel that keeps us HDLDs moving -- working with them has been nothing but a dream, and we're so excited for what's to come!
Quick fast forward to this week -- We opened our first rotation of shows! The Wedge season opened with The Room (directed by Michael Alvarez), our first cabaret (directed by Tom Costello) and our first KiddStuff play, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, my first directing project of the season. All were wildly successful! It feels great to be up and running and now we're moving onto the next rotation of projects. This week Gabriel will begin rehearsals for his KiddStuff play, Furry Tails while Tom begins rehearsals for his Wedge Play, The Messenger. Michael and I are both working on our studio projects with local Ithaca playwrights this week, and I'll be directing a cabaret featuring music by female composers and lyricists, too! More to come soon on all of that soon!
Until then, here's a photo of the fabulous lab company's Flashmob finale.