Holy Talent, Batman!

May 23, 2013 / by Elizabeth Carlson


It all began with a simple Monday meet-and-greet, then seemingly one second and/or five hundred years later, the Directors Project fellows and I were all in some basement in Brooklyn somewhere off the 7th Ave Q stop dancing and singing and celebrating the momentous week we had just completed together. In the midst of this dance party for Fellow Danny Sharron’s company, UglyRhino—with either that guava drink or a lite beer in hand—I reflected to our colleague, Louisa: ”I met everyone only six days ago, and yet I feel like we’ve known each other our whole lives”; for the level of trust, compassion and commitment apparent within the group was significant. It’s truly wonderful how the Drama League Directors Project Professionals Week expadited a remarkable form of friendship that I know will sustain and grow throughout our careers.

Our week about the city was filled with constructive and challenging meetings, panels, workshops and performances. A crash-course in resources and personnel. Thrilling. I sit here a few days after it’s close knowing that my greatest personal gain is the nine exceptional young directors with whom I shared the exhausting and exhilarating week:

Alex: charged and restless

Danny: observant and clever

Jamila: innovative and real

Lian: electric and invigorating

Louisa: centered and deeply intelligent

Nicole: warm and rigorous

Raphie (he really hates that I call him that): disciplined and wise

Sami: passionate and ernest

Will: candid and strategic

These wonderful creatures and their vast collection of qualities and abilities inspire me as an artist and a leader to work harder, think deeper, and collaborate better. I came into and have remained within the theater becuase of the people, and these are some of the best. They are the future of this industry and craft, and I’ll be damn lucky to continue being considered of their rank.