Hangar Week One

June 1, 2017 / Gabriel Vega Weissman

I think that landing an airplane must be very difficult. I know nothing about airplanes or flying but I would imagine it requires a combination of multiple factors that allows you to touch the ground at the perfect angle. I've also seen a lot of movies where landing an airplane becomes a real problem for the central characters.

As a director, sometimes I feel like preparing for rehearsals is like landing an airplane. In the case of the Hangar fellowship, the four of us emerged exhausted but exhilerated from our professionals week in New York. 6 days, 12 hours a day spent with each other, the remaining 6 Drama League directors and an astounding array of theatre professionals guiding, encouraging, terrifying and feeding us in various conversations, seminars and performances. Barely a week later we have made our way to Ithaca and joined the Hangar team. Today was our second full day here and we are already deep in the thick of it. We have had nonstop meetings and orientations, preparing us to welcome the lab company comprised of early career actors, directors, playwrights/dramaturgs and choreographers whom we will work with over the course of our summer here. We have jumped headfirst into design meetings with the 8 extroadinary design fellows who are going on this journey with us. We are knee deep in the conception of our Kids Stuff play for family audiences, our own directing projects in the brand new (and gorgeous) Cherry Artspace, a cabaret and a new play workshop, all of which we will accomplish by July 30th. 

The work has been headspinning but extremely rewarding already. I'm learning more and more what a collaborative group I am in this summer and while I await the first disaster, I am confident a solution will be quick to follow. I am looking forward to tomorrow.


More soon!