Directors Project


Reflections from the Hangar

Michael Alvarez
August 12, 2017

It’s been almost two weeks since I said goodbye to Ithaca and my time at the Hangar. As I think back on my summer, it fills me with such joy and inspiration for the future when I think about ...


Director's Note by Justin Emeka

Old Globe Drama League Final Directing Presentation
July 30, 2017

Director’s Note: As a director, I am very interested in using theater as way to help our country creatively integrate unique cultural traditions—such as Shakespeare and Black cu...


Sacred Space: the power of being in the room

by Justin Emeka
July 25, 2017

Every rehearsal room is a sacred space where extraordinary artists gather to re-imagine the world as we know it.   Reimagine time as we know it.    Reimagine the human cond...


Shakespeare: from the World to the Words

July 22, 2017

I've often had a repeated relationship to Shakespeare's work which is that I feel close to the world and distanced from the words. I often felt that I belong to his plays when I understand ...


Furry Tails...With a Twist

by Gabriel Vega Weissman
July 11, 2017

One of the elements of the Hangar residency I was most curious about was directing a TYA show for the Ithaca community. At the beginning of the summer, all of the fellows read each KIDDSTUFF series...

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